Pet Food Taste Test

Today we dine like domesticated house pets! Let’s talk about that.
– Goooooooooooooood Mythical Morning!
– We’re back! Season 8! Look at that!
– Season 8!
– Look at that! Look at that!
– That’s two eights!
– It’s a chain! It’s a chain!
– That’s two eights on top of each other.
– It’s a chain! Good to see you, man!
– Hey, Link!
– Three weeks!
– How you been?
– Great!
– You look… the same!
– I mean, not that… not that I was great
– without hanging out with you.
– I thought you were gonna do something different this season! You said the hair was gonna be different. I got more of a tan. You got more of a tan. We tannin’ it up!
– I don’t know if that’s discernible.
– Thanks for coming back, Mythical Beasts, – for another season.
– And if you’re not back, well, sorry!
– You’re not even hearing us.
– I know! And, hey, we got some good stuff – in store for you.
– What better way to kick off another season of Good Mythical Morning than to eat food generally intended for animals? Mm. What a downer for me personally, here. Now, I’ve eaten dog food in the past.
– On this show!
– And that’s not what this episode is limited to. I have no clue where we’re going, ah, culinarily, but I have to believe it’s probably gonna move beyond dog food.
– Right.
– Which is my comfort zone. (laughs) So that’s what we’re doing, because we’re asking the question, “Hey, if it’s good for man’s best friend and if he’s really your best friend, or whatever type of– if that’s a dog or whatever animal it is, is it good enough for you?”
Wow. I don’t follow, but I do know we’re gonna eat a lot of food intended for animals, which is what I said at the beginning of this. – Their best friend may be a cockatiel.
– All right, it’s time to play… (Rhett) Which domesticated darling devours ‘dis dish? Okay, so here’s how this is gonna work. We each have our own personalized bowl, and for each round, a certain pet food will be placed into this bowl and we– without our hands– have to consume it and then guess what pet this is actually – intended for.
– And we’re gonna keep score and the winner gets to eat a feast of fancy to counteract the un-fancy food that we’ve been eating, and the loser has to eat Fancy Feast. – Which is just more…
– Cat food.
– Yeah.
– All right, let’s go with Round One!
– Round One!
– Bring ’em in, Chase!
– All right.
– I’m gonna creep on down here.
– Why do dogs eat like this?
– Y’all should use your hands, dogs!
– Am I even in– okay, ooh, ooh. (Rhett) It’s tough, my head doesn’t fit in the bowl!
– Mm, It’s, eugh!
– Gah!
– It’s grainish.
– Oh my goodness, animals, y’all got it bad! This is Round One? Oh gosh, this is gonna be a loooong day.
– This is just, like, something that just
– I tried to put my elbow down and it – missed. It’s like, hey…
– All right, this tastes like something that should line a cage, not be eaten by anything. Ew, I just swallowed it.
– My body’s not happy about it. Eugh.
– It tastes like it’s got some kind of meat in it! Like it’s got some protein in it. (Stevie) Okay, guys, I’m gonna need your answers in three, two, one.
– (Link) Gerbil.
– (Rhett) Iguana.
– Iguana? I said “gerbil.”
– (Stevie) Unfortunately, you’re both – incorrect. The answer is cat. – (buzzer buzzes) Ooh, this is cat food? That’s iguana food. I told you it had meat in it, though.
– What flavor cat food?
– (Stevie) Just for fun, do you wanna take – a guess as to what kind of meat is in it?
– (Rhett) Liver.
– (Stevie) It’s rabbit meat.
– Rabbit meat? What?!
– Ewagh! (Stevie) Chase, why don’t you bring in the package so they can see it?
– Rabbit liver?
– Protein-packed raw! I just ate rabbit… – formula… Oh, this is FOR a rabbit.
– No it’s not.
– It IS a rabbit?
– No, the cat eats the rabbit.
– It’s for a cat? Oh!
– Link, the cat eats the rabbit.
 – Put that in a children’s book!
– I just ate raw rabbit for a cat.
– The cat eats the rabbit… kids.
– Oh, gosh. All right.
– It makes the world go around.
– Circle of life. – This is gonna be a great episode. Round two!
– (both) Round Two!
– (water bubbles, electric guitar music) (Link) Oh, there it comes. Fallin’ down in, and I’m– I’m gonna cautiously approach. (Link) Ooh! There it is. Oh, is it dried? I use my tongue to get it off the bottom. Is that what you do?
– Mm.
– (Rhett) I reached and grabbed with my – tongue… like an iguana!
– Mm! Okay. This already tastes better – than that cat food made outta rabbits.
– This tastes like Grape Nuts and I’m not – joking.
– I mean, like, this IS Grape Nuts.
– This is like healthy cereal.
– Like, this is good! I’m going back in!
– Man. Whatever animal that this is… livin’ the high life!
– Ooh.
– I mean, it’s not that good.
– The aftertaste is very barnyard. Yeah. The more I get into it, the more I realize it is not for me. What would eat this? ‘Cause that is the question, Link. How many different pets are there?
– Technically, anything could be a pet.
– Yeah, if you keep it in your home – long enough and it doesn’t kill you.
– You could adopt it. Even if it does kill you, it still could be a pet, I guess. (Stevie) Okay. Three, two, one.
– Dog.
– Goat!
– I’m saying… can a goat be a pet?
– Yeah, sure. I went right back to dog, – though.
– Okay. (Stevie) Unfortunately, you are both incorrect again. The answer is fish.
– Ooh, look at this! What kind of fish eats this? It’s like a… That’s gotta be a big fish! How did I just speak so highly of fish food? – Tetra veggie… al-gee… algae.
– Algae. It’s… the G is pronounced differently in “algae.” Al-gee wafers. (laughs) (silly voice) Y’all got some al-gee wafers?
– It says “extreme” on it.
– I like it with whole milk!
– Algae centers.
– Right after I get through my Grape Nuts, – I move right on to my al-gee wafers.
 – I mean, it’s got an al-gee center, man.
– Part of a complete breakfast.
– Al-gee wafers.
– Next round.
– Round Three!
– All right, here we go!
– Bring in my food! Now, I’m just afraid that I’m gonna sink my nose into something wet, but I’m just going for it. Eugh! Gah! I put my tongue on it.
– (Rhett) Hey man, it’s not that bad!
– (crew laughs) It’s really not that bad. Just scoop a little bit with your tongue. Eugh. It’s meaty… and gravy-y… Oh gosh, y’all. I’m gonna give you a hint, here. There’s fish in this stuff. This is, like, tuna.
– Yeah.
– I gave you a freebie right there. I thought it was beef stew, but yeah, it’s definitely fish now. (Rhett, softly) But what in the world eats fish? Bears eat fish. (silly voice) My pet bear loves this stuff, man!
– I mean, some people have pet bears!
– You know, I’ve seen it on YouTube.
– (normally) You ever seen a pet pelican?
– Petican. – (Stevie) Three, two, one.
– (Link) Cat.
– (Rhett) Tiger.
– Tiger?
– (Stevie) Tiger! Ah… unfortunately, – the animal is a ferret.
– Aaah!
– Ferrets eat fish?
– Ewww, look at that!
– Gosh! You shoulda told me not to look down. Ew, that is some gelatinous gunk. Why do ferrets eat fish? If I had known ferrets eat fish, I wouldn’t’ve said tiger!
– Do I have something on my chin?
– A little bit.
– I can feel it. You’re going in chin-first. You gotta go in tongue-first, like this. No points so far, but we press on!
– Round Four!
– I think the lesson that I just learned was if I ever get a pet ferret, I’m microwaving that stuff, man! It would be so much better for ferret-dom – if it were warm!
– Ferrets don’t care. When you take a fish out of the stream, like all ferrets do, it’s not been in a microwave, it’s – been in the stream, man!
– I smell… suntan oil. (Rhett) Oh, it’s very coconutty. It smells like Hawaiian tropics!
– It really does!
– (Link) Oh, it’s dry.
– Oh wow, oh wow. That is sweet!
– This tastes like a cereal again.
– Okay, I’m honing in on this.
– Oh, this is… it’s got, like, – raisins in it?
– But suntan lotion too. What animal opens – its mouth towards the sun constantly?
– It’s like a trail mix. I would hang out with this animal and ask him, “Can I get a little bit of that mix?” (Link laughs) All right, I think I got this. I think I’m all over this.
– (Link) There’s a sweetness… I’m ready.
– Yep, aw yeah. (Stevie) Okay, here we go. In three, two, one.
– (Link) Bird parakeet!
– (Stevie) I’m sorry, – I didn’t hear you, Link.
– Bird parakeet.
– (Stevie) You were correct, it’s a bird.
– Haha, yeah, ’cause it’s like seeds, dude!
– Whoa, it looks like Fruity Pebbles!
– I thought a rat would be all over this.
– What is this? Cockatiel, wow.
– You know, birds… I could be a bird.
– That’s what I’ve learned.
– (Link) Wow, look at that, guys.
– (Rhett) I like birds.
– Now, there’s already cockatiel turds – in here, though.
– Or is that a raisin? I’ll tell you in a second.
-This really isn’t bad.
– It’s just a raisin.
– It really isn’t bad. If you get lost with your pet bird and all you have is his food…
– First eat his food, then eat him.
– (Rhett) Yeah. Start with his food.
– Right. Start with the food.
– No, you should eat him, because if you – eat him later, he’ll be too skinny.
– And he’ll be eating the food. Eat him while he’s plump and then eat his food.
– Right.
– Did we just say that? No. Keep it going! – (both) Round Five! – (dog barks, electric guitar music) Congratulations, Link! You could get a job at the bird food factory as a taster!
– As a taste tester?
– Yeah.
– All right, another one is here.
– Oh, no hands.
– Oh. You could see my hands?
– No, I was touching it.
– You used your hands too?
– Hold on, have you been using your hands?
– No, just to touch my… lap.
 – All right.
 – (Link) All right.
– (Rhett) Oh! Guh… Ohhh, me. What? You’re making me scared. I don’t wanna go in there.
– Whoah! Well, you better. You gotta go in. – Oh, it’s strong gravy.
– Ooh, I hit it with my chin again.
– (Link) It’s so cold and
– Gah!
– (Link) slimey!
– This is so nasty and it’s such big – chunks! The chunks are so big!
– Oh gosh. I’m afraid…
– (Rhett) I can’t get my mouth
– (Link) to bite this.
– Y’all could’ve warmed this up again.
– (Rhett) It’s a meatball. It’s a meatball. – (crew laughs) – Eugh. There’s definitely gravy. Have you got a meatball in your mouth yet? I got a big ol’ meatball in my mouth. Chef Boyardee come to town. (laughs) Ah… you gonna bite that meatball?
– I already have!
– You bite the meatball? – (silly voice) I bit the meatball! – Okay, I’m gonna bite it. Eugh, it’s got some beefiness to it, dude.
– I mean, it’s for a big-mouthed animal.
– The more I bite it, there’s like – something gritty in there.
– What animal would be confused enough – to eat this?
– Again, if it was warmed up and came out of a can at my grandma’s house, I might be game. But as-is, man, this is like a – bad, bad Beanie Weenie.
– (Stevie) You ready?
– Yeah.
– (Stevie) Okay. Three, two, one.
– (Rhett) Turtle. – (Link) Iguana.
– (Stevie) Guys, this is dog food! – Oh, this is Gravy Train, isn’t it? (Stevie) Can you guys guess– yeah, guess what you think the name of the food is.
– Ew! – Gravy Balls. – (all laugh)
– Swimmin’ Turds. – (crew laughs) – (Stevie) All right, Chase, bring it in.
– Gravy Train, man. Brats ‘n Tots.
– (Rhett) Brats ‘n Tots. – Brats ‘n Tots. – It’s really not that bad. I’d put this – on some spaghetti, you know? – You do? – No! – (Rhett and crew laugh) – Is that present tense?
– Hey, I put this on spaghetti! – That’s Brats ‘n Tots! – (Link and crew laugh) – I wish you hadda told me! – (all laugh) All right, that was your chance to tie it up, I think. Let’s keep going. – (both) Round Six! – (turtle noise, electric guitar music) – I’m sure this is gonna be great.
– (Rhett) You can’t lose now, Link. I can – only– I can potentially tie. – (silly voice) I’m slowly gettin’ down to – the level of the pet.
– It smells like Red Man. – (normally) Mm! Odd shaped little things. – Oh gosh. I haven’t bitten into it because I’m lettin’ Rhett do that first.
– (Rhett) Oh, I know what this… – I’m biting now. I think I know what part of the animal kingdom the food comes from. Eugh! Ew! When you bite into it… ooh! It releases something. – (crew laughs)
– I’m turning into a werewolf. – Mm. Eugh! – It’s really got a pungent… – Eagh… – These are pungent flavor balls! Do any animals eat turds? I know they do. And if you’ve done that to us, Imma be…
– Imma be disappointed. – The dung beetle. – This is the dung beetle’s food. – I’m going back down. – (Rhett) I know what it is. – (Link) It’s still barnyard-y. – (Link) It’s still wild.
– I know… – It’s been pulverized… (gags) – (crew laughs) Now that I’m starting to develop theories, I’m starting to gag. I’m developing theories, and that always makes me queasy. (Rhett) I’m pretty confident that I know what it’s made of. I am ready to guess. (Stevie) Okay, here we go, in three, two, one.
– (both) Iguana.
– Oh! We both said iguana! I had already guessed that ’cause it’s bugs, right? It’s bugs. It’s definitely ground-up bugs. – Dang, it’s bugs. What is it? – (Stevie) Yeah, you guys are close. – (Stevie) It’s for an aquatic turtle.
 – Euaaaagh! – A sea turtle? – Flukers buffet blend… aquatic turtle… – Look, it’s got worms in it, Link! – And little shrimps! – (crew laughs) – Eagh!
– Did you get any of those worms? (Link) And look at that, it’s the whole claw of something. Look at that. That’s a shrimp, dude. That’s a baby shrimp. Buffet blend, man. Oh, river shrimp, mealworms, and pellets. I don’t have my glasses but I can – make it out.
– Well, congratulations, Link. Store in a cool, dry place and do not eat, if you’re a human with any level of smarts (high pitched) unless you have an internet show! You’re more of an animal than I am, congratulations. (normally) All right, so, I win the prize. Bring that in. – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ – Fancy Feast, that’s what you get. – What? Goose pate? – Oh, that’s real fancy. – With port wine.
– But that’s for people! Enjoy it! – All right, we will eat these. – Bottoms up, brother! Thanks for liking and commenting on this video. You know what time it is! Hi, I’m Ngyuen from Malaysia, currently residing in the UK, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Remember, you can send us suggestions for the Wheel of Mythicality using hashtag
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