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Since a good portion of the United States is experiencing blizzard 2016… We are gonna make chicken soup for dogs! Which is really cool because at the same time we can make chicken soup for us! *To Oakley* What you think? Want some chicken soup? Let’s do it!
*Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Huskies howling* “Aroooooo!” So, the first thing we’re gonna need for chicken soup for your dogs, is chicken! There’s a lot of different ways to do this. You can use leftover chicken as long, it doesn’t have a lot of seasoning on it.
What I’m actually gonna do, I’m gonna use a whole chicken. Why I’m doing that? Because I’m making chicken soup for the dogs and chicken soup for us! So, what we need is a whole chicken and I’m gonna cook it in the ‘Crock Pot.’ So basically, what I’m gonna eat… *To Memphis* You can’t lick that!
No, you cannot lick that! What I’m gonna do, is that I’m gonna put this here and I’m adding a little bit of water and not gonna add any seasoning to it and I’m gonna cook it in the slow cooker for about six (6) hours on “High.” The second thing where gonna do is wash and peel all our veggies…
That’s green bean, you can have it… See you later! Now, as you can see, we really do have two (2) pans here. I’m not kidding. I’m actually making chicken soup for the dogs and chicken soup for us at the same time. This is the greatest thing about this recipe.
So now that we have all our vegetables washed and while the chicken is still cooking in the slow cooker We’re gonna chop up some of our vegetables and put it, into these pans. The first thing where gonna add is carrots, because carrots are good for dogs. Carrots are good for people too! Oh, you want carrot?
Hold on! Are you balancing there? There you go! Has a carrot? *Chopping sounds* *To Oakley* Is Oakley like a carrot? Oakley says, “I would take a carrot!’ Now for Shelby, who I know will not eat the carrot… *To Shelby* Here you go! She won’t do it! She won’t eat it cook, she won’t eat it with dip or she won’t eat it by herself. So, were gonna chop up some carrots… For those of you wondering how many carrots to use?
We have three (3) dogs so, we use three (3) carrots. Of course, Memphis is trying to steal some… *Laughter* Watch this… Ready? *Dropping carrots sounds* You won’t catch them as they fall? *Dropping carrots sounds* Oh, you got one! *Laughter* So now, we got carrots for the dogs and carrots on ours…
On to the next thing! For the dogs, I’m actually gonna add a little bit of sweet potato to their soup… See if they like it raw. I know Memphis will! *Speaking like Memphis* “I’ll eat anything!” *To Oakley* Want some? You would try. How about you Shelby? *To Shelby* Shelby, here! Here Shelby! Shelby’s like “Umm Not a fan! Not a fan of raw veggies!” I’m not adding this to our soup. Just for the dogs.
*Laughter* *Chewing sounds* No! No! *Laughter* Can’t you steal it all! Has to go on your soup! So, I cut the sweet potatoes up in little cubes and I’m putting it in the dogs bowl *Dropping sounds* Now, where gonna add a little bit of celery and as always, you guys…
If you don’t feel comfortable feeding something to your dogs that we put in our recipes you don’t have to… Don’t want celery on it, don’t put celery on it. If you don’t want to put carrots in it, don’t put carrots in it. You can modify it in any way you want. Now, where not going to use a lot of celery for the dogs. Just about one stalk.
*Dropping sounds* Now, that we added a little bit of celery to the dogs and a little bit of celery to our own, now where gonna add something just a little bit more special for the dogs! Where gonna add some gree beans. *To Memphis* Would you like some green bean? Memphis would take a green been.
*To Oakley* How about you Oakley? Want a green bean? Oakley, would take a green bean! How about you Shelby? *To Shelby* Want to try a raw green bean? You like raw green bean? Would you like it? Nope! *To Memphis* How about you? Shelby doesn’t like raw green beans either… Looks so good for the dogs.
We added some to ours too. So, as of right now, the recipes for the two (2) are barely close to the same! The biggest difference is when it comes to seasoning your soup. Now, you can use chicken base in the dogs version of the soup. But, make sure that you check your ingredients and make sure, it does not contain garlic or onion. So, you basically, I use “Minors Chicken Base ” and you can get it at gourmet food stores, I believe.
You don’t need a lot! Literally just a little bit You just want to give it that little bit of chicken flavor. Now, with the dogs, where gonna add some of the broth from the actual chicken that we cooked in the slow cooker.
So, for right now I’m just gonna add a little bit of water to this and a little tiny bit of this. I’ll show you how much I’m gonna use. Then, when the chicken’s all done cooking, where gonna add some of that actual chicken broth to the soup as well. Now, for the dogs were just gonna add a little bit of this water…
*Water sounds* This is water Memphis! About that much! That’s it! That’s all where adding to the dogs. Almost, stir in there and still got to cook. *Spoon sounds* Just gonna give it a little bit extra of the chickenee flavor. They don’t need a lot and really, if you don’t wanna use it at all, you don’t have too.
Now, where gonna set this aside while, we wait for the chicken to finish. For the people’s chicken soup I’m gonna add a little bit of garlic salt which I do not added to the dog’s. Just the people’s chicken soup. Now actually, where gonna put both of these on the stove top and simmer them. very low, for about an hour while the chicken finishes cooking. That’s gonna help slowly start to cook all those vegetables that are in here then after that, when the chicken is done, we’ll add the chicken.
Alright! Shelby will not eat one of these plain. But, she (Memphis) will and she (Oakley) will! Here! We put some dip on Shelby’s *To Shelby* Here, you want one with peanut butter? Now is delicious! What a diva! *To Shelby* Are you helping Shelby?
You are such a good helper! Aww! Look at the good helpers! So, now the chicken has cooked. As you can see, I literally just turned this off, so I’m gonna put the chicken out and let it cool a bit then, I’m gonna take and I’m gonna skim all the fat off the top of this juice and I’m gonna take off all the skin off the chicken the, I’m gonna take some of the juice and I’m gonna put it in with the rest of the soup.
Alright! Now, we gonna get a little bit of the broth from the slow cooker and where gonna pour right into the dog’s soup. *Dogs barking* Really? Are you excited? Alright! So, *Laughter* You are excited too ah? The girls are extremely excited. This *Memphis whines* I know! This is the broth and the vegetables *Oakley barks* mixed together and then, now where gonna add in, the chicken. This is the chicken I made in the ‘Crock Pot…’ *To the dogs* There!
Very nice! Don’t be so grabby! There go. Shelby’s like, “Feed me!” There you go! So, where gonna add the chicken to the soup… and then *To Memphis* No! Is not done yet! Will stir up a little bit. Stir up a little bit… *To Shelby* Hi Shelby! Would you like to check what’s going on? *Laughter* So, now we have doggie chicken soup and what we’re actually gonna do with this, use it as a topper for their dog food. Alright!
So, now we have each of their food dishes and where gonna scoop a little bit on each dish. *Spoon sounds* *Oakley whines* So, now were gonna take the rest of it, put it in the fridge and will be able to use again tomorrow. I’ll do it, about once a day and sometimes I freeze it… *Oakley barks* …to use later. *Memphis barks* We’re gonna see if they like it… *Dogs barking* I can tell! Are you excited? *To Memphis*
Ah! Ah! You got to wait! *Dogs making noises* Oakley first! *Laughter* No! Oakley is first! Shelby… and then Memphis! *Laughter* There you have it! Another fun dog treat. I guess this is a meal topper, you can call it! I think the girls are super excited…
Now, I just got to finish making noodles and then, their daddy and I can enjoy our dinner. So, you hope guys enjoyed this fun treat video. A way, to share dinner with your dogs. As always there will be a link, up in the cards for more of our videos and a link, down in the description below for more of our treat videos. Check them out! If you have any ideas for something you like to see us trying next time leave it down, in the comments below.
As always… Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive, dream big! We will see you again soon! Good bye! You girls got really quiet! I wonder why? *Laughter* *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you comeĀ  into our Siberian world!*
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