3 Steps To Make Your Cat More Social

So last time we got together I was talking about the challenge line. Comfort, challenge, comfort, challenge, comfort, challenge. Now today we’re going to be talking about ‘fraidy cats. Raising them up, pushing them over that line, letting them know it’s better on the other side.
Are you psyched? Because I am, man. Let’s talk ‘fraidy cats. One, two, let’s get catified. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s talk about how we get our cats to go from ‘fraidy to mojo. First thing is your best friend and min, right here, it’s basically painter’s tape. And the coolest thing about blue tape is that as you can see it’s sticky but it doesn’t stick really, right?
So you can put it on the furniture here. You can put it on your guitar. You can put it on your forehead and you can take it right off. Every time you’ve identified your cats challenge line you put one of these suckers on the floor. Now we know that today we’re going to put a bowl of food right there on that line.
Tomorrow, we’re going to reset that line, and I don’t even care if it’s by three inches. But we are going to get her to start coming out. As we’re moving the cats through challenge line work, further and further out, a couple things we’re going to do. First thing we’re going to do is gradually block off the places that they’re calling home.
In order for them to be that best version of themselves we’ve got to say, you know what, I will give you all the love that you could possibly desire, all the comfort that you need, but not under there. Block off a little bit of that under.
Alright, I’m not saying that one day your cat wakes up and you have shoved pillows underneath the bed, or you have removed the under of the bed. It’s something that happens gradually, right? Now, as your cat has cleared that first initial challenge line, now we start bringing out the toys, man.
And again the toys that have the rods, the fishing pole toys, the ones with feathers, or mice at the end. Those toys. Really crucial if they move towards the middle of that floor and they kill, when I say kill, they pounce on that toy. That from that moment on, they own that spot. And we know that the key to mojo is what?
Ownership of territory. Ownership of territory. Boom, cat mojo supreme. And we have taken a wall flower and turned them into the best version of themselves that they can be. Now a bit of a disclaimer. I’m not talking about morphing your cat into someone they’re not. Don’t expect your cat to be someone else.
Expect you cat to be the best version of themselves that they can be. And that’s our job. To start realizing that every time she pokes her out from under that bed, good things happen. Don’t feed under the bed. It is not doing your cat any favors whatsoever. If they know that at some point you are just going to cave and you are going to put food in their hiding zone? Again, not doing them any favors.
Now that’s the truth, Ruth. So your homework is as follows. Number one, lead them out with food and the challenge line of tape. The second thing you’re going to do is block off the unders very slowly. Every day a little bit more of that challenge line pushed.
And the third thing is, make sure through interactive play and the replication of hunt, catch, kill, eat that you get that mojo unleashed. The mojo gets unleashed, the wall flower comes out of hiding.
Alright folks, that’s it for me. Don’t forget, find me anywhere, man. I’m on Twitter, instagram, Facebook, where else, Google plus, YouTube. And don’t forget with your homework, share it with the rest of us. The only way that we’re all going to learn is through discussion, conversation, group revelations.
Hashtag TeamCatMojo, that way I’ll see it, we’ll all see it. Follow that conversation. Because remember something, folks, if you make a discovery and you give it to the rest of us we can save lives. It is that simple. It is. All right until next time folks. All light, all love and all mojo to you.
Love you.